Sara Noel in Istanbul at Kolektif

I produce fashion photo and video shoots, write for fashion magazines and teach fashion-related content creation.

Fashion is a world I unexpectedly fell into and learnt to love. I believe fashion is creation and expression and above all, I believe it can be ethical and has the duty to be.

I grew up in France, studied in the UK and worked and lived in Bombay (India) and Istanbul (Turkey). I now live in Paris (France) and travel as often as I can (avoiding packaged holidays, although I was trapped into one once and I should probably write about it on my blog).

I’ve worked in the TV, advertising and fashion industries, collaborating with the best in the business and enjoyed the easiest most professional set ups as well as faced the most complicated and at times dangerous situations. All of which made me a problem solver and that is the title I should have on my business card really!

Here’s what I do:


For still photography and video services for editorial, advertising and catalogues.

  • Casting
  • Scouting for locations
  • Applying for permits
  • Crew recruitment and management
  • Negotiating rates and contracts
  • Equipment booking
  • Catering
  • On set production


  • Creating Fashion Content
  • Fashion Shoot Production
  • Fashion and Instagram
  • Do You Speak Fashion English?