Beauty is harmony

Wonderful! Yes, do celebrate all ages and shapes! It is about time.

But properly please!

Stop saying you look amazing the way you are regardless of what you are wearing.

You look amazing if you dress according to your body type. You have to adapt your fashion tastes to you and not squeeze in or pad into what you believe is the trend.

What's wrong with this pictureYour natural body fat is what suits you best but a skinny girl’s dress on a venus, looks vulgar.

Yes, there is something wrong with this picture.

A girl, like any other, who has potential to be super hot, elegant and glowing is showed here as a disgraceful cheap piece of meat but we have to say she looks fab because it’s PC.

Show me a venus shaped girl in clothes that flatters her please. That would be the glorification of a body type. I am not saying she has to hide under a tent dress but there are shapes, colours, accessories which will make her look like her and not like someone who tries to be somebody else.

too thin? beauty is harmonyThat being said, the dress here is cheap and vulgar anyways and would look quite awful on a skinny girl to, but that’s another matter.

Saying that there is nothing wrong about this picture is a lie and lying discredits your campaign which is sad because the other claims are great, to the point and so important.

Yes, my super thin friends are fed up being criticised and labelled as anorexic (especially after they had their dinner and finished mine).

Have you ever noticed how people feel entitled to comment about how thin you are or how much weight you lost? Yet it is not PC to comment on how fat or fatter? 

Skinny obsession is not a myth but it doesn’t mean we can’t fight it.

I don’t think there are any clothes to lead that battle but you can wear your best attitude and interrupt comments with a look.

too old? beauty is harmonyYes, we would love to see older women cat walking, modelling and acting.

not white enough? beaut is harmonyAnd hello 21st century, colour discrimination? Really?

How wonderful would it be if we could cleanse all minds from old perceptions based on incorrect knowledge and prejudice, if we could see difference as rich and learn to see ourselves as unique and not as failed copy of Kate Moss?


It would be the ruin the beauty and pharmaceutical industry (awh…)


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