Creation and Momenting The Memento

Saturday, 2pm, yes I am out of my jim jams, I am even wearing a way too short skirt for Paris that awarded me disapproving looks from older ladies. Breathe in, breathe out women, these are just legs, no satanism around! Anyways, so I’m off to a conference organised graciously by ASVOFF.

Linda LoppaLinda Loppa, director of Polimoda, is telling us about MOMENTING THE ‘MEMENTO’

Connecting people, cities and countries, “building bridges” to bring knowledge and creativity, as well as discovering new pathways for future generations.

I read about her, she is a very interesting person. I’m excited to hear her talk.

But somehow her grandness didn’t reflect in her speech. It was what we call in French ‘décousu’ which means it was pieces of stuff not linked, a mess, and interestingly,  ‘décousu’ literally means unstitched, which is rather annoying for a fashion seminar.

Getting over the lack of construction of her speech, my mind started wandering away, triggered by something she said….Florence bridges“Florence is a city with great history, which makes it amazing to be there but this past is also a burden”.

Is what we inherit from a burden?

How to create something exciting when everything around seems to have been done with high quality already?

Would we appreciate a modern and experimental art project as much in Florence than we would in Sarajevo?

I found French cuisine utterly boring for years (much better now), whilst London, famous for disgusting food, eventually exploded with such interesting yummy fusion cuisine.

Le Penseur de RodinIs creation easier when you start from nothing?

Is my love for developing countries the exact example of this idea? There is nothing so everything to be done, which is majorly exciting because EVERYTHING can be done, the way you feel like doing it. And everybody around is enthusiastic about it. Blaze is unknown as a notion.

How can I get Parisians to be excited and positive about new projects? How to make them get over their expectation of comfort that cramp my style?

Maybe the economic crisis will serve my purpose.

Maybe I should be a devotee of Shiva, who destroys and creates?


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