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Feminine & masculine energy? – part 1

So it seems there is such a thing as masculine and feminine energy, but I have never read a text defining either that convinced me as being complete, truthful, honest and unbiased.

Le baiser de l'Hotel de Ville de DoisneauOne biological fact, that I won’t deny since I happily experienced it myself, is that men express their physical love by giving, which is called centrifugal energy and women by receiving / welcoming, aka centripetal energy.

But are we going to reduce masculine and feminine energies to that? Giving and receiving? Does it apply to actions and emotions too?

Does a man love when he provides for a woman and does a woman love him when she welcomes his gift?

Ok, so let’s say that’s true, but surely, if it is true, and I am not saying it is, it’s just a theory. If it’s true, there must be a better way to deal with it because in all honesty, the way we have applied it so far lead us to centuries of male domination. And that’s not making us very happy now, is it?


toysWe are all, consciously or not, linking some tasks, behavior, colours, roles and mentalities to a gender. Which is accurate? Which is the result of opinions, cultures, faiths, educations, habits, convenient interpretations?

Amongst everything that makes me a woman, what criteria comes from man made rules and what is inherently natural?

My parents brought me up to be independent. They taught me everything they knew from basic cooking (survival basics only, everything else, I learned by myself and mostly with BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver), to basic DIY. So when at the age of 19, I opened my fling’s VCR (that is the ancestor of DVD player, guess younger readers needed that explanation), cleaned it up and put it back together. He was very happy to be able to watch videos again but he never called me back.


girl frustrated and confusedDid I infringe the rules of men – women equilibrium?

Have I been taught to be masculine? Am I less of a woman for it?

girl frustrated and confusedWhen my parents decided they would not bring a subdued woman to this world, did they bring me up like a boy?

Would I have been able to learn those skills if they were unnatural to a woman?

What we think belongs to feminine energy may not be. Maybe I’ll think this is feminine because society taught me this. It is subjective and could direct us to an absurd spiral if we follow it blindly.

The world is patriarchal. We are used to patriarchal systems and behaviours. It is therefore possible that some subtle elements of oppression seem normal to us when they are absolutely not.

We already made huge progress…in some countries at least.

Mad Men
We have to remember what our grand-mothers live were like. “Sois belle et tais toi” (be pretty and shut up) is what they were told. I never realized how bad they had it until I watched Mad men. I mean…. It was BAD, freaking awful! I wish that series had came out earlier, it would have allowed me to understand my grand-parents. I would have been a lot more patient with my backward grand-mother.

She couldn’t vote.

She couldn’t open a bank account, work or travel without her dad or husband’s signature.

She couldn’t be single.Suzy Homemaker

…. so…. Maybe I can forgive her for insisting that no men would ever love me because I was unable to cook beef and had no plan to be a stay at home wife?

…hmmmmm….. No I can’t! And I never will. Because if I’m single today, it may be because she made me feel unlovable and inadequate. Bloody cow!

A Ny Ways…..When women had enough of this (after so many centuries, honestly, that is scary!) they rebelled in a way that men would understand.


We Can Do It!They used men’s weapons to fight against men. Or have they? Are shouting, protesting, fighting masculine traits or simply human ones?

I don’t know….

And….in order to climb towards equality around the world, do we need another revolution or is there another way?


Our role today is to find a way to have access to whatever we want to have access to in a human way.

Maybe we should study what is inherent woman way and inherent men way, cutting off all the religious, cultural, oppresser’s convenience crap belief. Then we could work together to improve our lives.

Nowadays, men’s qualities are seen as valuable and women’s are seen as secondary, cute. What bullshit! Our qualities are equal. There is no ranking. They are nothing without us. We are nothing without them. That should be enough to recognise everybody’s value.

men women equilibrium

Men show their love by giving.

Women show their love by receiving / welcoming.


Think about it, even YOU see more value in ‘giving’ than you do in ‘receiving’. Men are superior to us because they give. Who decided that? Society, therefore cavemen. And they put this idea in our head and we just accept it as a divine truth.caveman choosing mate




Imagine if all women suddenly refuse to receive. Hmmmm! That would be interesting. What would men do with their love to give?


We, women don’t need to be successful and powerful in the same way that men do. We can, but not necessarily desire it and their way should not suffocate our way.


It is about time that men take a step aside and let some room so women can work with them as a team.


And most men, my friends at least, would be more than happy to share the pressure and develop other interesting traits of their wonderful personality.


Success and power should be redefined.


That is what I believe in.

Yoga people training and meditating warrior pose

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