Tinu Verghis at Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week as an insider

Vogue Turkey

December 2010

Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week article for Vogue Turkey by Sara Noel

Sara Noel, our bookings director felt cold turkey and returned to India where she previously worked for Vogue İndia…

Little ShilpaLakme Fashion Week uses to rhyme with multi tasking competition. It was hunting season for new faces, new talents, whilst socializing with the known and renowned. This is where I have learnt to have a conversation with someone whilst emailing someone else on my blackberry and keeping an eye on whomever was walking past, all this with a glorious smile.

This time it was about enjoying the shows and the fabulous company, open my eyes and ears to share this week of embroided madness with you.

İt started with a party tightly secured by İMG at Tote, by Mumbai’s racecourse. Models, celebrities, fashion crowd, all were there to enjoy the Champagne and delicious spoon food. The party resembled a close down party where the staff struggled keeping us off the tables and the bar. Bizzarely, I was told there was no picture of the party.

Carol GraciasThe shows were as colourful and mood uplifting as ever. The ‘in between’ was however a lot calmer than I have been used to. No more Grey Goose lounge, instead we had a Himlaya mini spa where the local cosmetic brand was offering foot and shoulder massages, and no more every night party either. I assume this grown up attitude came from people’s exhaustion due to a religious festival taking place in the streets. The all of Mumbai was out on the road in their glittery saris, dancing on trans beats, following huge idols of Ganesh, their half man half elephant god. For 1 week, each community takes turn to show off their Ganesh and eventually immerse it in the sea, creating happy chaos, traffic and noise.

Manish AroraThe grand finale was grand in terms of show with atypical yoga poses demonstration and an African acrobat intervening in between the models. But the fashion was atrocious. As everybody congratulated the designer at the party, I innocently asked if I was the only one finding her clothes cheap, unwearable and uninspiring. My audience laughed as a sign of approval. Phew, they were only making politically correct small talk.

The closing party was exactly what one can expect after a week of hard work where designers, models, choreographers, hair and makeup artists need to unwind: total madness for us all to enjoy!

Finally, it ended in a suite above the venue with my partners in crimes, sat on the floor of the balcony in our beautiful suits and dresses, sharing a glass of Champagne and smoking cigars whilst reviewing the fabulous week they had created.

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