Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de Nuit

Lou Doillon’s concert

Nathalie, Joséphine & Sara in London in 1998
very old pic of us but we still feel the same

I love my friends. They are so ducking cool (you know I didn’t mean ducking).

Last saturday night, as I was taking a break from my beloved Paris city and had ran to lovely South of France, my childhood friends surprised me with a concert in Arles. It’s a cool city that hosts the biggest and bestest photography festival every summer and that sentence makes me a total self assumed biased supporter of my region.

So, anyways, aside from the fact that I’d follow those two girls to a Miss Camping election party if they so wished (but they wouldn’t, they have taste), a concert in Arles with them was a great idea so I let them lead blindly.

Lou Doillon by MondinoLittle did I know that the lady on stage was gonna be someone I discussed so many times with my former team at Vogue Turkey for a potential fashion shoot, someone whom I find so inspiring and cool, someone who despite her pedigree is managing to make an identity of her own and little by little making you forget she is the daughter of or the sister of (I mean….people…get a grip please, how reductive to be defined by your family tree god dammit?).

Lou Doillon's concert posterAnd someone who has an amazing voice!!!!!

The surprise concert was Lou Doillon‘s 2nd album tour, Lay Low. She and her band had their 1st concert at the Cargo de Nuit in Arles for their 1st album Places, in 2012 and felt it brought them luck. 3 years later, call it loyalty or superstition, they started the tour at the same place with a whole of 300 people max in the audience and they rocked it!

I had no idea Lou Doillon could sing! She can seriously produce fantabulous sounds AND play the guitare amazingly well! I was in awe. I even surprised myself closing my eyes and tripping / travelling, like those enlightened religious people do or like american pop singers do when they listen to their competitor’s song and they know they are being filmed. Yikes!

It’s crazy what good music can do to you!

Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de Nuit     Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de NuitApparently she writes her songs as well but I am not ready to read the texts in details yet because I am already bewitched by her talent to make our head spins, our goose bumps, our whole body swing without control and that’s already overwhelming.

Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de NuitShe was just there, standing, looking effortlessly natural. I know that sounds weird but it is rather rare that someone would look natural and actually be naturally natural. It takes a lot of work to look like you did nothing to look that great. But she convinced me that everything about her was a matter of taste and comfort as opposed to a marketing curated look.

Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de NuitSo well done! Congratulations and thank you!

Thank you for this fabulous concert!

Thank you for sharing this energy you have with your band and the whole crew working with you.

And thank you to my 2 friends who never fail to surprise and amaze me with their kindness, wit, curiosity and open mind. I love you forever!

Encore! Encore! Encore!

ok then, here you go, she came back of course, she wasn’t gonna leave us high and dry!

Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de Nuit

I only recorded a few second of her last song. Be teased…..click Lou Doillon in concert at the Cargo de Nuit

If you want more, you can listen to her Lay Low album on her website.

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