Love, stop complaining

When it comes to love and relationships, the general consensus is that for two people to be comfortable with each other, they have to complete each other and form some sort of yin and yang.

But that’s idealistic and in reality, when a couple works well, most of the time, the woman is making all or most of the compromises. I know some great couples whose harmony comes from hard and happy work from both side, but they are happy few. The majority, especially if we are taking the whole wide world as our scene of observation, works because the woman sacrifices for the good of her man.

I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m saying it’s a choice that should be made consciously, providing the woman has the legal right to make that choice.

I struggle to understand why women have accepted for so long to be controlled by men and I simply don’t understand why and how, today, knowing what we know and having what we have, so many women still accept (chose) submission. I hear women complaining about men cheating, being rude to them, ordering them around, not pulling their weight at home even hurting them physically…..

Why complaining? Why not leaving? Those who don’t risk to be executed or have a bucket of acid thrown at their face if they leave, should leave. They have no excuse to accept any bullshit!

That’s freedom, and it’s rude not to use it when you can.

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