Okay, can you spell Gabbana?

Okay, can you spell Gabbana?

Thank you  Domenico Dolce! Thank you Stefano Gabbana!

You are purely amazing! Yes! You are right! Everybody should have access to fashion!

dolce gabbana hijab

Us daughters of women who fought for freedom of choice and birth control, grand daughters of ladies thanks to whom we can vote, we were dreaming to see our sisters in the Middle East have access to fashion.

Embellished cages is what was missing in this world!

Will you extend your movement of democratisation to other fields? What about designer guns?

Our sisters in America are so lucky to live in a place where they can defend themselves from evil and I’m sure more of them would proudly wear a weapon if it were glamourised.

Any chance you have a school of children working for you in Asia? You know so well what is best for children and defended them grandly recently. Yes Dolce, yes Gabanna, a child is better off with other kids in an orphanage rather than being brought up with love by a same sex couple. Love is so overrated! What a child needs is structure like a good old factory with long working hours!

You have such ethic! You have such vision! You are my role model and I salute you!

Borat thumbs up

Seriously people! Face your responsibilities as human beings. Your new line glamourises an instrument of freedom denial. Your name on it gives credit to this belief that women should be covered up. And… that said, isn’t this outfit supposed to make women humble? How humble are they wearing an overpriced flowery jail?

Please, Dolce, please Gabbana, if you want to be relevant to our time, make a special offer where you give 3 coats to homeless people for each piece bought. Those guys are freezing their arses right now. THAT is a real need that has to be urgently addressed.

PS: I have zero knowledge about any of Dolce Gabbana’s suppliers and staff, there may be no underage workers.

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