Sónar Festival 2012

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July 2012

Sonar Festival

Vogue Turkey - July 2012 - Sonar Festival


‘Who are you? Where are you from? What colour are you? What do you do?’ Pack all your social questions, leave them at the left luggage at the airport and make your way to the city of musica, sea, sun, beach and palm trees! You just landed in Barcelona, Barsa, Barna or whatever you want to call this city in which no soul can feel out of place!

June 2012, 19th session of Sónar, International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. In other words, the sunniest electronic music festival. 3 days, 2 nights, 120 performances, the crème de la crème of electro and techno.

Meanwhile in town, the OFF festival is just as big. Any beach, lawn, hotel rooftop turn into massive clubs for 5 days and nights. The city surely doesn’t sleep and locals don’t seem to mind. Old dears have been spotted here and there sitting and looking at the happy crowd with a content smile.

In 2001 Faithless was singing ‘we come 1’, for me the ultimate anthem of electronic music. You are there in the middle of thousands of strangers and you feel safe and happy. Why? Because electronic rhythms are borrowed from around the world, no matter where you come from or grew up with, there is something familiar that brings you in a comfort zone. You let go of all your hung ups and worries and you wear your never out of fashion items: smile and freedom.


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10,000 people thursday night, 25,000 on friday night and 30,000 saturday spread over 3 stages. Fabulous acts. My 3 favourites: Lana Del Rey, Richie Hawin and Luciano.

Beautiful, moving and talented performance, Lana Del Rey hypnotized her audience. Sadly I was thirsty for beats. I am looking forward to seeing her fitting me better than my favourite sweater at the right time and right place. Richie Hawtin appeared as a black silhouette in a shiny sun, opening his set smoothly in a magical way that kept us all on our toes and took us on a trip with deep dark bass. Luciano took us to Ibiza with his inimitable latinos sound offering us the best finale one can dream of. It was powerful!


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I land, my blackberry buzz:10 sms from Audrey, my partner in crime. Richie Hawtin had just announced on his facebook page a surprise gig at the fruit market so this is where I’d find her, between the water melons and the lemons. The taxi dropped me at the Boqueria, I pulled my suitcase through the Cheese and ham stands, following the beats to finally discover a fabulous crowd, there, in the middle of the fruits. Most original beginning of a festival I have to admit!


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The coolest party of the festival! On Hotel Silken Diagonal’s roof top, around the swimming pool. There were swimsuits, feathers, silk, jeans…. Very eclectic fantastic crowd coming from Germany, France, Canada, US…. all dancing like champagne bubble in a glass that we did not forget to enjoy whilst admiring a 360 view of Barcelona.

Hey Mr DJ

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On the left, Spazer, Parisian DJ. On the right, Anja, the ultimate mistress of the party. Her set was uplifting, she took the crowd to another level until dusk. Behind, supporting her, Ralf Kollmann who had played a magical set the day before. Anja and Ralf founded Mobilee Records 7 years ago. Sit tight, a roof top party in Istanbul is in talks….


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Time to wear your cotton! It’s too hot! Free party on the beach organized by Amnesia Ibiza, amazing DJs, cool people. Straight forward program: sun bathe, catch up with friends, cool down in the freezing Mediterranean sea and bounce bounce bounce in the sand.


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Absolutely no desire to miss any gig or look a  mess so, my must DOs: big fresh lunches with my friends and regular walks in the beautiful city and my must HAVEs: comfy espadrilles, Nuxe sun block, Elnett hair Spray, Indian bangals, Güneş Dericioğlu bag, Tom Ford sunglasses and the rolling ball masseur.

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