The not so glamourous side of fashion week. Part 1

It’s 6 am, your alarm violently wakes you up and it’s not to catch a morning flight towards a fabulous destination. Nope.

queueing for an iPhone 6sToday, you gotta queue with a bunch of strangers outside the Apple store to collect your precious.

I’m not a geek and I don’t even know why the iPhone 6s is worth waking up so early and queuing in the cold.

What I know is that my beloved 4s is on its last breath and it’s fashion week in 4 days.

I simply can’t afford an Instagram application closing as I was going to post a show picture with a well manicured title and curated #hashtags.

I can’t wait hours (ok, minutes) for my personal assistant to find a phone number.

I can’t have 6 coffee breaks a day to feed my baby (I have a portable charger but it only works 3 times).

Next week won’t be all laugh and party, no no no. Fashion week is work and work has to be furiously fast and efficient.

iphone-6-rose-gold-005So why a 6s I hear you ask?

Because I’m a slow consumer. I can’t handle disposable systems.

I bought my 4s when it was newly out and he has been reliable and kind to me until very recently. I treat my baby good and he gives it back to me.

Staying in bed and comfortably buying the iPhone 6 was an option but when you work so hard against fast fashion, you can’t get a phone which will be obsolete sooner. So 6s it is! Nobody said caring for your planet was gonna be easy.

I spent the past month studying the possibility of getting an android… But I’m such a nomad and such a fake geek that I can’t bare the idea of installing programs to sync my contacts, photos, emails to my iPad and Mac and everything else I don’t even have a clue about.

I need simple and efficient so I’m a sucker and I’m queuing with a bunch of youngsters at 6:45 am on Friday. Uffff!

It could be worst. I’m sure the queue was massive in Paris. Luckily I’m on a break in Montpellier (South of France) and there are less novelty freaks here (or just less people).

But I am a tad disappointed by the atmosphere. I had seen media displaying fan queuing for Harry Potter books and all those joyful kids were sat on the floor, reading, talking to each other. That was my only reference to fan queueing for a new something. So I took my cushion, my book and my dry figs… But here, everybody is standing up anonymously and deadly.

2015-09-25 07.14.082015-09-25 07.21.23 7:30 am, the Apple staff comes to our rescue and distribute coffees and mini muffins. I don’t understand how they can be so happy, kind and simple. It’s too early to be human!

I take few pictures, the last crapy ones with my good old 4s.  

I am bored and cold. The idea of getting my cushion out and sit down to read starts being appealing. That’s the beauty of being over 30, you don’t care about what other people think. But suddenly, I notice a movement in the queue worth observing, an Asian family growing by the second. There were 3 of them when I got here. They are now 16. Each time one got here, he joined the others IN FRONT OF ME, shamelessly jumping the queue. They even got a grand-mother out of bed for Christ sake! Unbelievable. And …. Why?

It’s now 7:45 am and some people starts talking to the Apple staff or make phone calls. Many of them speak Spanish…. I found out later that there wasn’t any Apple store in Spain and Montpellier is the closest one…… ok……

Why can’t those people order online or wait for the next delivery? Do they all have to work on their phone next week? Of course not.

Can they be here to show off this weekend with their new toy? Really?

….Actually, whatever makes them happy…

And whatever makes them insanely useful to silly me, clueless, because I need a new performant phone but I have no idea whether to chose 16 or 64GB, whether I need the Apple care or not, whether…. I don’t know!!!!!

odysseum_heroSo I break the icy silence and start chatting with the 2 gentlemen in front of me. 2 perfectly informed and lovely geeks. They were just too cyber to engage conversation with a stranger in the flesh but accepted my live friend request and were very happy to talk specifications, bits and stuff that still go way above my head. Miraculously, they were crystal clear and now I know exactly what I need.

9:45 am, it’s my turn to enter mecca. Some amazingly sweet and sympathetic man welcomes me. I want the 6s, 64GB, no Apple care, and …. colour? hmmm the darker one please because the sweet geeks told me it gives a clearer vision of my screen.

10 am, I am out and ready to have breakfast and a nap. Except that….. try to sleep after having acquired such wonderful tool.

OMG! Have I become a geek?


2 thoughts on “The not so glamourous side of fashion week. Part 1

  1. Hello la Geekette,
    Alors toujours contente du 6S.
    Tips : sais-tu qu’en exerçant une pression sur le clavier virtuel (SMS, mail, note…), tu peux déplacer le curseur la où tu le souhaites !

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