Who Can Afford High Fashion

Today I had a breakfast meeting in Saint Germain (Paris).

As per usual, I was 7 minutes late so I was running.

tumblr_mus1iuCNi51sluew7o1_540Somehow, a silhouette in a window stopped me.

I don’t shop, I’ve never liked it, so I don’t look at shop windows.

But this shape created an emotion and I had to stop!

A cute dress manned up with a leather jacket. This is why I need to live in a country that has seasons. It’s my favourite style and I can’t sport it in a tropical country.

There was no name on the shop still closed at this early hour, and no price in the window.

I clicked a picture with no clear aim.

I’m pretty sure I cannot afford it.

All I wanted was a trace of that emotion I felt there and then.

My day carried on smoothly and sweetly, going from meetings to meetings, some to get advice on my work projects, others to help out a student to get a flat (I pretended to be his mum’s friend to build his case with the agent).

Then I went to Colette to check out the James Franco exhibition and surprise surprise, THE dress was there.

I check the tag, it’s an Azedine Alaia and it costs 3,037 Euros.

I obviously got it wrong but it’s so vulgar to stare at a price tag, so I moved on, a little stunned.

I go home and I check online. Not only I got it right but I also found the jacket and it costs 5,238 Euros.

I am shocked! Disgusted! Offended! Sad!

2 trails of thoughts are exploding in this little head of mine!

gossip girl1: who can afford such everyday outfit? Who earns so much or inherited so much to be able to casually sign such cheque? Let’s say that within few years I am doing well professionally and I can spend 300 euros on a dress and 500 euros on a jacket without stress. That for me would be a sign of success. Will I believe then that some people are 10 times more clever and hard working than me? I won’t! Am I arrogant? Do I have a stupidly high opinion of myself? Maybe.

But from this point, I have another question. Is it right to pay such high wages to anyone, considering that money is not unlimited in the world so the more one person gets, the less is available to share with the rest?

Here is an interesting study on this reflection.

2: we still live in a era where men earn more for the same jobs and women are rarely promoted to high decisions jobs anyways, so most women who can afford such clothes are mostly OG-AA204_Census_E_20130917120108dependent on a father, a husband or a lover. Most of them got intoxicated by the circle of obscenely expensive shit, became sick addicts, junky and therefore alienated and forever stuck to the one holding the wallet. In their run for fashion they will also believe that skinny is beautiful, I don’t need to develop on that, you know the problem too well.

Is skinny the new corset? Standards of beauty keep us competing against each other and play with health hazards.

In conclusion, high fashion keeps women dependent and weak.

We are all actors of the perpetuation of those toxic relationships.

We are all guilty!

We owe it to ourselves to make a difference. However little or big we can. Something rather than nothing.

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